Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

fullsizeoutput_7cdCarbon Peel Laser Treatment is by far the hottest new thing in skin. It's precision and thorough cleansing ability make it the ultimate for ongoing skin maintenance. Gone are the days of painful manual extractions that cause scarring. Carbon Peel gets right down into the pore with a photo acoustic beam. How's that for a next generation facial?

After a cleanse, carbon paste is massaged into the skin to make sure it gets right down into the pores. Then using our TRI-BEAM Q-Switched Laser (don't be fooled by cheaper imitations with poor beam profiles) we warm the skin with our Gen-Technique, stimulating your skin's natural healing responses. Next comes the fun part, this is where the laser ticks along and vaporises off the Carbon Past in a flash creating not only a laser micro like effect of exfoliation, but also a deep pore cleanse as it is attracted to the carbon paste down in the pore.

What does this mean for your skin? When done on a regular basis (every 2-4 weeks is recommended), your skin will be smooth in texture via the laser exfoliation and have less blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts. You can see why dermatologists call this the eraser laser and recommend it for their clients who's acne is stubborn to treat with medication. Don't get me started on those. Carbon Peels Laser Treatments are a very practical solution for keeping your skin smooth, clean and looking it's best.