Skin Gains Laser Treatment

Skin Gains - This treatment does exactly what it says. Your skin gains each and every treatment through controlled heating of the dermis which stimulates collagen production. Why do we want collagen production? Our production of collagen slows down and is not as efficient as we age. It is Collagen production that keeps our skin taught and tightens up all of those open pores that stare us down in the mirror. So the best way to look after our skin is to keep it encouraged to keep producing more of it's own collagen. It doesn't get any more natural looking than that. It's like seeing the fit version of your skin (but a much easier workout than going to the gym).

Most frequently asked question - does it hurt? The short answer is no. Your eyes will be covered with goggles and the sensation is definitely warm as the laser pulses over your skin, with the nose and mouth areas being a little more sensitive than other areas. Your therapist will check in with you to make sure that you are doing well and are comfortable. As a quick 15 minute addition to your Carbon Peel Laser, Tri Eye or Tri Tone treatments, this is the quickest path to taught, toned skin.